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Our printing solution
When your book files are ready we will communicate with you in the following aspects and provide suitable printing solution according to your requirements.

Go to our Services and Resource Center to learn more about self publishing information.

If you are producing an application with just one page, then you only need to provide the finished size (width + height). If the ink touches or “bleeds” off the page, then you must also provide a bleed area. If you are dealing with a multiage project (magazine, book, etc) then you must also provide the flat size (width and height with pages open)

This is probably the greatest factor involved in pricing so be sure to include it in your proposal. Most printers will be able to provide anywhere from one piece to millions of copies, and will even be happy to provide you with multiple price quotes for different quantities.

Colors & Inks
Specify if you need full color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) or if you need any spot or Pantone colors as this will greatly affect the price.

Paper Stocks
We will make assumptions about the stock you want to use unless you specify otherwise. If you could care less about the paper, then this is not a huge priority, but if you are concerned with the weight, feel and texture of the finished piece, then you should ask to see some paper samples.
More info on these can be found in: Understanding Paper Stock

In the most general sense, a finish refers to the coating applied to a print. You can ask for matte, semi-gloss, gloss or UV coating (resistant to sun’s UV rays). More info on these can be found in.

On a deeper level, finishing encompasses a wide variety of options, ranging from die-cuts to folds and bindery. We cover these extensively in our Types of Finishes section.

In order to ensure that your prints match your expectations, it is often best practice to use proofs or “match prints” to give you an accurate preview of how your job will print. Let your printer know that you would like a proof with your job, if quality and accuracy are important factors.
More info on these can be found in: Proofing

Time We need to know when you will need the product in your hands in order to work out our printing schedule and reserve the appropriate shipping service.


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