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Printing FAQ

1. Obtain a quote:
Email us the inquiry with printing specifications or fill in our online quotation form and submit, our CSR will contact you soon with our quotes if the specs are sufficient or communicate with you for additional details of your printing project and provide advice for cost reduction if necessary.

2. Artworks format we accept:
Generally, we prefer artworks in PDF format. While if it’s inconvenient, you can also send the file in its original format, like InDesign, QuarkXpress, PageMaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Freehand, etc. It’s important that you send the fonts and image links together with your artworks in case our system doesn’t have the fonts you use for your artworks.

3. Artworks Transfer:
There are two options:
1) You can upload your artworks onto your FTP site, so that our pre-press staff can download.
2) Save your artworks into a CD or DVD and courier it to us.
3) Send file through

4. Color management:
To obtain the exact color and printing quality you expect, it’s recommended to use PMS color management for spot color and make sure you have converted all the images in your artworks to CMYK prior to completion.

5. Proofing system:
1) as a routine, we will prepare a dummy for you to check paper quality, or a mock-up for paper, text as well as binding approval.
2) we will output a blue-out and color proof for text and color approval prior to major print run.
3) we will courier you a couple of finished products for pre-shipment inspection.
You’re also welcome to come to our factories for on-site approval throughout the whole process from pre-press to post-press.

6. Packing&Delivery
Each way of packing we use is for better protecting your printing products, we offer:
1) Individual Shrink wrapping: optional and acquires additional cost
2) Plastic film inside each carton: to wrap over your printing products against dampening.
3) Craft paper: for heavy or big jobs, we will also use craft paper to package each copy to ensure they will be in good condition during shipping and delivery.

7. Turn-around time
It mainly depends on the complexity and quantity of your printing jobs, but generally the time scale is as follows:
•2-3 days: for proofing
•7-14 days: for printing after approval for press
•11-12 days: delivery to Australasia and western America
•21-25 days: delivery to Europe and eastern America, Africa and etc.

8.Minimum Quantity
Our min. quantity would be 1,000 copies for either paperback or case bound books. The larger the quantity is, the less per copy your job would cost.


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