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Self Publishing Resources

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) This is a 10-digit number that must appear on both the inside and outside of your book if it is to be sold by chains, wholesalers and distributors or purchased by a library. It is the most common and convenient way that booksellers can locate your book. You'll want to order your number before your book is printed. The ISBN is available for a fee (currently $244 for 10 ISBN numbers that you can use for up to 10 different books) from the R.R. Bowker company. For more information and an application form, go to

Many companies on the internet claim that they will supply you with an ISBN as part of their service to you. In order to own the full rights to your book you must own your ISBN.

Copyright. The purpose of copyright is to make sure no one else uses your writing and passes it off as theirs without paying or compensating you. This is something self publishers are very concerned about.

You'll want to include the date of publication and name of the copyright owner inside your book, but copyright registration is no longer required. By law you are automatically protected as soon as your work is published. If there is ever a copyright question, however, having registered your copyright will make it easier for you to defend yourself. You can find more information in

Print on Demand Print on demand (POD) services use new digital printing techniques to publish small print runs of books (often a single copy) on demand. Mostly used in self-publishing, print on demand services print books to order for a fixed cost, often irrespective of the size of the order but sometimes providing cheaper printing costs for larger runs. Most print on demand publishers also offer an ISBN registration service and post books available from them on their own website and with affiliates such as

Self-publishers use print on demand services as they do not require the self-publisher to maintain a stock of the book themselves or pay the associated large up-front print fees.

You can get more support from

Book Promotion Resources
>> Book Fairs and Festivals (US)

>> Literary Times
Provides a place for romance authors to post events, such as chats and book signings.

Lots of useful information on PR, press releases, how to write a pitch letter, etc.

>> Your Book Promotion Countdown Checklist
Extensive list of things to do to promote your book before and after publication.


>> Book Reviewers
Links to sites and publications that review books.

>> Bookviews

>> Self Publishing Helpful website


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